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Orange colored people are not good

THIS WEDDING IMAGE was shot with a Nikon D100 set @ 1600 ISO because the church forbids flash during the service. The exposure was 1/30 @ f2.8 with aan 80-200 f2.8 NIkkor D lens. The camera was rested on a balcony railing.

The color was corrected by finding the white, neutal and black points and other adjustments were made. The bad color became good color (well, nearly), under these conditions it's about as good as the image information will allow.

Setup is Adobe Photoshop® CS2, custom made PC with 4 gig RAM (3.454 accessible), Windows XP Pro, Wacom Tablet, NEC 21" MultiSync FE2111 monitor calibrated and profiled with Monaco OPTIX Suite hardware and software. (Dual monitor setup).

The light in the church was a mixture of tungsten and daylight filtered through windows, some of which were of various colors. The perfect condition for bad light. Really bad light. Fortunately there was enough information in the file to make good color (well nearly).
Manipulations were color correction (the tweaking could go on forever), but in this case, the colors of the bride's dress seemed to be correct, so that was the stopping point. There is a wide swing between the highlight and shadow areas of this image. To get detail in those disparate areas, substantial adjustments were made in individually selected areas. Noise reduction (there was plenty) and sharpening were the final adjustments.