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Turn on the lights and dig in

THE AS SHOT Nikon raw (nef) image here suffered from a dramatic shift in exposure from foreground to background and the attendent wide-angle distortion encountered when the camera is not level. Such conditions are endemic to wedding photography which, like sports demands that the moment be captured. It could stand improvement.

For this image, we made the light even through the room, tweaked color a bit and corrected the lens distortion and other adjustments. The image improvement is significant and obvious.

Setup is Adobe Photoshop® CS2, custom made PC with 4 gig RAM (3.454 accessible), Windows XP Pro, Wacom Tablet, NEC 21" MultiSync FE2111 monitor calibrated with Monaco OPTIX Suite hardware and software. (Dual monitor setup).

Image was shot with Nikon D-100, 18-70 G zoom with DX80 Nikon Speedlight @ 200 ISO as a NEF (raw) file. March 11, 2006.
Manipulations included exposure adjustment, correcting lens distortion and perspective, intensifying the outside views through the windows, some black/white point adjustment, color correction, leveling, noise reduction and light sharpening.