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Romancing the bucket

INDUSTRIAL CLEANING PRODUCTS NEED TO LOOK GOOD TOO – This shot was made under ideal studio conditions. Completely controlled lighting, camera locked down on a tripod ... but still it needed post processing image manipulation to bloom to its best.

Setup is Adobe Photoshop® CS2, custom made PC with 4 gig RAM (3.454 accessible), Windows XP Pro, Wacom Tablet, NEC 21" MultiSync FE2111 monitor calibrated and profiled with Monaco OPTIX Suite hardware and software. (Dual monitor setup).

The image was shot with a Nikon D100, fitted with a well-aged but incredibly sharp Micro-Nikkor 55 mm AI lens. Yes these will work on digital Nikons, but you have to figure out all the exposure stuff yourself. Lighting was a dukes mixture of venerable White Lightning 10,000's and a couple of Novatron strobes operating from a power pack. Images went directly from the camera to a laptop. Nothing like instant gratification in product photography.
Manipulations included color correction (notice the white, black and gray targets under the bucket). Getting good color is just about a lock when you build in these reference points in an image.

The back ground was (manually) removed from the bucket and the new background and shadow were created in Photoshop® CS2. The label required some special treatment to make the logo and copy pop. If there was a bucket contest, this little sucker would be a shoo-in, thanks to image manipulation.