Photo Manipulation

CREATIVE CONSIDERATIONSPhoto manipulation is a convenient and economic method of creating dramatic visual impact without a huge studio or a complex location setup. Designers and art directors may specify specific images as components to create a desired visual effect. Stock photography and specifically photographed images are easily and quickly combined to achieve a desired effect.

IMAGE SUBSTITUTIONLet's say you set up an important shot of people who are rarely available as a group. The diligent photographer shoots lots a lot of exposures, but one or two people are never just right when everyone else is. There's a simple solution. We review your images and find the few good shots of the bad performers and "switch heads" or other body parts or background imagery. Or let's say someone leaves the group or a new person joins. In these cases, we can remove a person and close the gap or add someone new, hopefully shot under reasonably similar conditions.

RETOUCHING AND COLOR CORRECTIONFew images are correct in color as shot. We analyze the image and correct the color to remove color casts. We remove freckles, scars, moles, tattos, belly bulge, add muscle and toning, remove wrinklkes, smooth skin and dozens of other unsavory conditions.

We make products look as good as they are.

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