Street photography bears a strong resemblance to sports photography. In both cases, the subjects and opportunity are often fleeting and available for seconds only.

Street photography for the most part is shot with a long lens which means at the precise moment one triggers the shutter, a person, vehicle or something my obscure what would otherwise be a world-class image.

Given that, street photographers like sports photographers must shoot massive numbers of exposures to capture satisfactory images.

Even then, the images may contain what purist critics would classify as "distractions." My belief is that these street photography distractions are for the most part, a genuine part of the environment that you are shooting and therefore have a rightful place in the image.

No Moon on the Moonwalk Shot hand-held in low light from the Mississippi River Moonwalk near Jackson Square in New Orleans.
Put something in the bucket
Street musicians are staple attractions in New Orleans.
They add spice to the New Orleans experience like cayenne adds kick to gumbo. This pair, fine musicians, set up shop on the Moonwalk during the 2006
French Quarter Fest. They hail from Eureka Springs, Arkansas, a haven for creative types. I always put a little something in the bucket for street musicianssimply because I want them to always be there when I'm there.
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