This happy family was shot in the reception area of the mother's office. The greenery was just outside the office and visible through a large window. I shot it as a fall-back for the background I knew must be replaced.

The energetic children (two sets of twins) were somewhat ill at ease in a more formal and traditional setup during the first part of the shoot. After getting just about all I could get under the circumstances, I told the family, " ... that's a wrap ... ," but I did not leave the camera. As expected, relaxation instantly set in and with a bit of banter with the children, this opportunity came about.

Shot with Nikon D2oo and three White Lightning strobes.

Post-production setup is Adobe Photoshop® CS2, custom made PC with 4 gig RAM (3.454 accessible), Windows XP Pro, Wacom Tablet, NEC 21" MultiSync FE2111 monitor calibrated and profiled with Monaco OPTIX Suite hardware and software. (Dual monitor setup).