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The dog did not cooperate

THE ASSIGNMENT HERE was to photograph a man and his dog, presumably in a safe, warm environment. Turns out, the dog was freaked out by the camera and fill flash. More than fifty shots were fired off in this shoot and in only one was the dog, Freckles, a fine family pet, anywhere near cooperative. TA-DA, image correction to the rescue.

Setup is Adobe Photoshop® CS2, custom made PC with 4 gig RAM (3.454 accessible), Windows XP Pro, Wacom Tablet, NEC 21" MultiSync FE2111 monitor calibrated and profiled with Monaco OPTIX Suite hardware and software. (Dual monitor setup).

Like oil and water, Freckles and Nikon do not mix well. This quick shot was the only one of slightly over 50 exposures in which he was distracted from the camera long enough to get one exposure. Seconds later, he was outta there.
Fortunately, the human subject was more than comfy in front of glass and the camera recorded many fine images. The one with the good dog exposure, as you can see, was not one of those. So here we go with "head swapping." The best head was at a slightly different angle than the target image. This required putting bits and pieces of collars and shirts together to make the image work.

Then, somehow, the steel bars (well, chair arms) between man and dog just did not seem right. So those were removed. This "entailed" building a rump and a right back leg for Freckles. Then, the cushion behind our smiling subject had to be moved up. The head we used was exposed early in the shoot and there was a specular highlight on the subject's head. That was corrected. Tweaked the colors, sharpened slightly and lo, a man and his dog.